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what the heck is a

soul  pre  neur ?


A soulpreneur is a leader/entrepreneur in the spiritual realm, where healing is emphasized.

These leaders may include:

Reiki teachers, psychics, tarot readers, astrologers, psychologists, shamans, yoga teachers, herbalists, massage therapists, priests/monks/rabbis, spiritual speakers, aura photographers etc.
(The list goes on!).

Discover The Soulpreneur Inside Of You

You may be feeling confused about what to do in your career, or have been told you can't monetize tarot/astrology/reiki etc. to make a living. Or you've been told you are just downright crazy to even think that could be possible, and that these kinds of professions are a hoax. You could also be stuck at a 9-5 corporate job that drains your energy. However, you have an innate sense that you have a calling to heal others through your connection and energy.

If this sounds familiar & you're unsure (or even embarrassed) of who to go to for guidance, use this quick checklist to find out if soulpreneurship is the right path for you.

The first step to living out your life's destiny is to simply have clarityWith clarity, new doors will open and welcome you opportunities that are in alignment with your talents, values and passions. 

Find out if you possess all 20 signs of being a spiritual entrepreneur (aka. Soulpreneur) with the Soulpreneur Checklist below!

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